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Q&A: Advice for dealing with a dry, itchy, flaky scalp

Q&A: Advice for dealing with a dry, itchy, flaky scalpQ: I have a dry, flaky scalp which is starting to really itch and look unsightly. Can you offer any advice?

Holistic help for postnatal depression

Postnatal depression is thought to affect more than 1 in 10 women, typically within the first year of giving birth. With the right support most people make a full recovery. Learn how good nutrition, aromatherapy and other holistic therapies can help!

Holistic advice for dealing with stress

Holistic advice for dealing with stress

Very few of us go through life without suffering from some form of stress. Essential oils are excellent for treating a variety of stress-related conditions. Read our tops tips for dealing with stress naturally and the best oils to use!

Essential oils for fainting

Fainting is a sudden, brief loss of consciousness caused by decreased blood flow to the brain. It is a common problem and there are a variety of causes including anxiety, pain, intense emotional stress or underlying health problems.

Q&A: Oils for baby massage

Q&A: Oils for baby massageQ: Could you please confirm if it's ok to massage babies with fractionated coconut oil or whether it should be avoided due to possibility of nut allergy?

Essential oils that your liver will love!

Essential oils that your liver will love!Your liver is an amazing organ. Did you know that it performs over 500 tasks that keep you feeling great?

Q&A: Essential Oils during pregancy

Q&A: Essential Oils during pregancyQ: Can you please advise which essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy and whilst breast feeding?

Aromatherapy advice for hair loss

Whilst it is estimated most of us naturally lose around 60 hairs a day, some of us notice that we have begun to shed more than this. We can even suffer from bald patches (completely separate from male pattern baldness) which tends to have a strong genetic predisposition.

Use essential oils to protect your home

One of the ways that the use of essential oils is possibly neglected, is the way in which they can help us create a safer home environment. Learn how easily you can use them to keep your home clean and fresh and chemical-free!

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