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Use essential oils to protect your home

One of the ways that the use of essential oils is possibly neglected, is the way in which they can help us create a safer home environment. Learn how easily you can use them to keep your home clean and fresh and chemical-free!

Q&A: Essential oils to aid healing after child birth

Q&A: Essential oils to aid healing after child birthQ: My cousin has just had a really traumatic birth which resulted in emergency surgery and lots of painful stitches. Which essential oils would you particularly recommend to help speed her recovery?

Aromatherapy tips for exam revision

Aromatherapy tips for exam revisionIf you’re busy revising over the Easter holidays then why not experiment with a few essential oils to help stimulate your brain and improve your concentration levels.

Reflexology foot lotion recipe

Make your own Reflexology Foot Lotion with a range of therapeutic essential oils and Base Formula's Organic Moisturising Lotion.

Q&A: Pre-blended Massage Oils from Base Formula

Q&A: Pre-blended Massage Oils from Base FormulaQ: I'm interested in buying some premixed aromatherapy oils for using during massages. I am qualified in sports massage, relaxation and pregnacy massage and normally use base oil. If I use premixed oil is there anything I need to be a aware of in terms of contraindications with the essential oils?

Aromatherapy and cancer advice

Although essential oils can’t prevent or cure cancer, they can be extremely valuable for easing some of the physical symptoms and supporting patients, family and friends through the emotional turmoil.

Q&A: Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Blepharitis?

Q&A: Gentle Eye Makeup Remover for Blepharitis?Q: I suffer from Blepharitis and dry skin - can you recommend a suitable Eye Makeup Remover?

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