Important website information for customers in China

Important website information for customers in ChinaDear Customers

It is unfortunate that our previous agent Mr Yuxian Yao of Xiangpiaosihai (Beijing) Science and Technology Ltd with the domain of has gained unauthorised access to our domain and has posted an agreement from Base Formula that was written before we terminated the contract with them. Whilst we try and resolve this problem we have moved our authentication web site to the following address:

Base Formula took the very difficult decision to terminate the contract with Mr Yuxian Yao of Xiangpiaosihai (Beijing) Science and Technology Ltd on the 6th March 2013 due to serious and continued breaches of contract which included, amongst other breaches, the sale and active marketing of competitive products that was strictly prohibited under the terms of the contract between the two companies. Mr Yuxian Yao had been regularly informed of this and other breaches including a delegation from Base Formula visiting him in Beijing in October 2012. Despite repeated reminders of this and other breaches no or very little effort was made to rectify these serious infringements. Base Formula therefore had no choice but to terminate the contract.

Base Formula had offered to negotiate the buy back of all unsold stock from Mr Yuxian Yao of Xiangpiaosihai (Beijing) Science and Technology Ltd but this was rejected. The stock held by Mr Yuxian Yao of Xiangpiaosihai (Beijing) Science and Technology Ltd is now close to or out of its sell by date and it is for this reason that Base Formula can not guarantee the quality of BF products with a FANGXIANGJIARI verification label or any product without a BF verification label (see below).

I would like to apologise to our customers for any inconvenience and confusion the above may have caused and would like to re-assure you all that Base Formula continues to strive for excellence for both our products and customer service.

Chris Keating
Managing Director

我们曾经的代理商香飘四海(北京)科技有限公司法人姚俞先, 域名的所有者,未经授权进入我们 域名,并上传我们在结束双方合约前的贸易声明。为了不影响大家正常浏览以及防伪查询,我们已经将中国官网转移到

Base Formula 在2013 年3 月6 日解除与香飘四海(北京)科技有限公司的姚俞先签订的合约。Base Formula 做出这个艰难的决定是因为其多次重大并持续性的违约行为。其中包括其积极销售推广同类竞争品牌,此行为已经严重违反合同中明确指出的不得销售同类竞争品牌产品条款。姚俞先有被定期告知其违约行为,并于2012 年10 月在北京当面告知其违约行为。尽管Base Formula 多次警告,其严重侵权行为也几乎没有任何改进。

Base Formula 曾向香飘四海(北京)科技有限公司的姚俞先提出回购库存,但遭到拒绝。香飘四海(北京)科技有限公司的姚俞先现在所持有的货物已经接近保质期或已过保质期,这也是Base Formula 不能保证带有‘ fangxiangjiari’ 防伪标签或是不带防伪标签产品质量的原因(如下)。

若以上问题给大家造成的任何不便或是困惑,我深感抱歉。但我向大家保证,Base Formula 将会为大家提供高质量的产品以及服务而努力。


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