Aromatherapy advice for post Christmas blues

Aromatherapy advice for post Christmas bluesThe days and weeks following Christmas can seem very empty after the excitement of the festive season. The pace of life slows down, the dark evenings and cold weather make us feel even more gloomy and many of us will be worrying about how much money we spent or how much weight we put on over the festive period! It’s no wonder then, that statistically, we are more likely to feel depressed in January than any other month.

If there are any indications that you may be suffering from clinical depression as opposed to simply feeling a ‘bit down’ professional help should be sought. For milder cases however, aromatherapy can be used to help balance the emotions and lift the spirits.

There are many essential oils which have a beneficial uplifting effect on the psyche. Some of our favourites are Elemi (a super-effective stress reliever), May Chang (the oil of tranquillity), Geranium (to lift and balance the emotions), Bergamot (nature’s prozac), Frankincense (which is nurturing for the soul) and Orange (an endlessly bright, cheerful oil).

To make your own anti-depressant aromatherapy formula, blend the following ingredients:-

6 drops Frankincense essential oil
10 drops Bergamot essential oil
8 drops Sweet Orange essential oil
4 drops Geranium essential oil
4 drops May Chang essential oil
10 drops Evening Primrose Oil
100ml of your choice of base product  (see ideas below)

Suitable bases for your essential oil blend:

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