The magic of Aloe Vera

The magic of Aloe VeraAloe Vera (aloe barbadensis) is one of the most revered plants in natural medicine. It is known by many as “nature’s pharmacy” and is used to help heal a wide range of human ailments, particularly skin problems such as drying, flaking, itching, cracking and fungal conditions like Athletes’ Foot. Aloe Vera is a robust, fierce looking, sub-tropical plant of the Lily family— closely related to onions, leeks, garlic, tulips and asparagus. Most botanists agree, and historical evidence suggests, that the Aloe Vera plant originated in the warm, dry climate of Africa. However, because the plant is readily adaptable, and because man has been so eager to carry it with him from place to place, it now can be found throughout the world. In the United States, it is grown commercially in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, in California and in specially-designed greenhouses in Oklahoma.

Benefits of Aloe Vera:-

Aloe Vera has numerous therapeutic benefits. In terms of topical application (external use) they are as follows:

  1. To improve general skin condition: Aloe Vera holds moisture and adds elasticity so it is valuable ingredient in helping to restore a more youthful appearance. It tightens and balances the skin through its astringent pH properties and has a cooling effect which makes it ideal to treat problem areas such as under eye shadows.

  2. To soften and recondition hard skin: Aloe Vera is keratolytic meaning it can soften hard skin. This combined with its cooling properties makes it ideal for use in foot preparations.

  3. As an anti-pruritic to reduce itching and burning: Aloe Vera can be a useful after-sun and anti-itch treatment. Hormonal itching, pregnancy itching, post anaesthetic itching and eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis itching may be relieved. Safety Note – Itching can sometimes be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition – always see your doctor if it persists.

  4. To fight infections: Aloe Vera can help fight infection which makes it a valuable all round product for the home and the salon. It protects skin from harmful bacteria and helps reduce redness and itching.

  5. Treating wounds and burns - Aloe Vera can be beneficial for wounds and burns helping to fight infection and reduce swelling and inflammation.

  6. To boost the immune system: Ongoing studies worldwide suggest that Aloe Vera can stimulate the body’s natural defence system so it is helpful for people whose health is generally weak or who are recuperating after illness or for people under severe stress.

  7. To help arthritis: Anecdotal reports suggest that applying Aloe Vera may help to reduce swelling and inflammation in arthritic joints. It is therefore a useful base in which an aromatherapist could mix pain relieving essential oils.

  8. To soothe hormonal symptoms: The cooling nurturing properties of Aloe Vera can be helpful in soothing the symptoms of hormonal disturbances including hot flushes.

  9. To minimize scarring: Aloe Vera may help to reverse scars less than five years old.

Practical uses for the home or salon

  1. Beauty treatments: Aloe Vera can be used for moisturising, cooling and restorative facial skincare treatments such as cleansers, bespoke facial masks, under eye treatments and for facial massage.

  2. After waxing: The cooling, soothing and antibacterial properties of Aloe Vera make it an ideal product to use after waxing.

  3. Nail and hair treatments: Aloe Vera can be used to recondition, repair and strengthen hair and nails and to treat nail infections.

  4. As water based massage medium/carrier: Aloe Vera has an affinity with the skin and is easily absorbed making it an ideal carrier for essential oils. It is ideally suited for adult/intimate massage as it is unlikely to irritate delicate mucous membranes.

  5. Make your own product ingredient. Aloe Vera is easy to use, highly beneficial and a “must have” ingredient for beginner and experienced home product makers alike. It works well in soap, creams, lotions, bath and shower gels, salts and shampoos. 

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