Aromatherapy Star Sign – Sagittarius (23 November – 22 December)

Ruler: Jupiter
Colour: Blue
Element: Fire
Season: Summer
Aromatic: Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon and Rose

The Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarians were born under a fire sign. Sagittarians do not like being tied down, they are free spirits with a warm, friendly personality and an independent mind. They are optimistic and look for the good in their friends and families. With such an approach to life they are very popular. Sagittarians don’t get side tracked by the small details and distractions of life, they see the bigger picture and look to the future without fear. They are often very knowledgeable and are the type of person that people go to when they feel they need help. This makes them exceptionally good therapists, however, the negative side of this is that they can take on too much work or literally take on board the problems or aches and pains of their client’s. Sagittarians are very straightforward and say what they mean so friends trust them. The downside of that is sometimes they speak without thinking and inadvertently upset people.

Sagittarians are free spirits and thrive on opportunity and challenge and support that characteristic in others, which is another reason they are drawn to complementary therapy. Warn and generous, Sagittarians are like the archer, they aim their arrows far into the distance, they look for fun and are eager for adventure.

Aromatherapy perfume for Sagittarians

20 drops Rose essential oil (reflects and enhances your natural warmth and loving personality)
8 drops Ylang Ylang essential oil (to lift the spirits and counteract irritability)
2 drops Cinnamon essential oil (warm and nurturing)
8 drops Lemon essential oil (a yellow colour complementing the red of the rose and reflecting the colour of fire – helps with focus to control the free spirit element of Sagittarians that can sometimes get them into trouble)
15 mls grain alcohol (vodka)
20 mls of Orange Flower Water (also called Orange Flower Hydrolat or Neroli Hydrolat)

Add the essential oils to the grain alcohol. Place in a spray bottle or a cologne bottle and top up to 35ml with Orange Flower Water. 

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)
Ylang Ylang, known as the ‘flower of flowers’ in folklore, is a sweet floral oil that will lift the spirits and counteract general irritability. Sagittarians like it because it has an element of shared joy and has a positive effect on the psyche just like they do on their friends. It is a popular treatment for insomnia and depression, slowing down breathing and helping to reduce panic-related palpitations. In the Philippines where it originates, the ylang ylang flower is much revered and historically the oil, which is extracted from the magnificent flowers, has been blended with coconut oil and used to fight malaria and to prevent wounds from becoming infected.

Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
Cinnamon is a very warm oil with an affinity to fire, and as Sagittarius is a fire sign it is the perfect choice. Cinnamon shares other sagittarian characteristics in that it is robust and has a positive effect on other oils in terms of lifting the perfume. It also has a scent that lasts a long time into the future which is aligned with the sign of Sagittarius i.e. the archer firing arrows far into the future. The benefits of Cinnamon have been recognised since ancient times and it has also been used as a perfume and incense. It is warming for the body and uplifting for the mind, helping to soothe nervous exhaustion and feelings of failure. It is also used to ease a sluggish digestion, aches and pains and a shivering fever and is beneficial for stiff joints and muscles due to age or over-exertion. It is also warming for areas of poor circulation and is comforting to those who feel distressed. Cinnamon has been regarded as a ‘precious oil’ by many cultures and as such it makes a luxurious addition to any massage, room fragrance or bathing blend.

Rose (rosa centifolia)
Rose like a Sagittarian is kind and friendly and lifts the spirits of all that come into contact with it. Rose comes in all the colours of the flame making it an ideal match for the fire signs. Rose oil, which is extracted from the petals by distillation or solvents, is in our personal opinion beyond compare for treating stress related conditions, particularly depression and anxiety. It has a very gentle but strong uplifting effect on the psyche and a balancing effect which can help individuals to see problems in proportion. Many Aromatherapists believe that rose can mimic the effect of hormones so it is often used to treat psychological problems linked to female bodily functions such menstruation or childbirth e.g. PMS or post-natal depression.

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