Astrological aromatherapy - blends for your star sign

We just had the most beautiful and powerful supermoon, last month, so what better time to talk about astrology!

I’m currently in Bali and the full moon is something that this culture really celebrates with ceremonies; it is so beautiful. I’ve always been interested in how the astronomical positions of the planets and events on earth can impact us, and, whilst I’m a big believer in the idea that health and happiness is an inside-out job, I do also believe that there is something greater than us that moves us – and, for me, it makes sense that this includes the planetary system!

I’m also a big believer that it’s great to combine aromatherapy with other holistic modalities. So, if you’re interested in astrology and aromatherapy, this blog talks a little about how we can bring these two ancient arts together and how our star sign can guide our choice of essential oils to support our health.

Each star sign has a different set of characteristics that define our personality – some of which are positive and some more challenging. In many cases, these characteristics can be related to our health and may lead to particular ‘health challenges’. So, by understanding the common traits associated with our star sign, we can seek out essential oils that will nurture the positives and help heal both emotional and physical health problems.

In the following article, we’ll look at the key personality traits of each zodiac sign and suggest essentials oil and blends to support each sign.

Aquarius - Born between Jan 20th – Feb 18th

This sign is known to be ruled by Uranus and influenced by the Air element. This means its personality traits are independent and individual, but valuing connection with friends. Aquarians can be rebellious and stubborn, but they are also kind and loving people. They are intellectual but they are also dreamers, and this makes them very innovative! They may suffer with circulatory imbalances.

Balancing essential oils: Neroli and Myrrh

Neroli is very relaxing and calming and helps ground dreamers who come up against inevitable challenges. Myrrh is also very grounding.

Balancing blend:  Diffuse 2 drops Neroli, 2 drops Lavender and 1 drop Myrrh in an aromatherapy diffuser or candle burner.

How to use: Try a beautiful meditation to ground yourself in times of imbalance. Diffuse the above blend and enjoy 10 minutes of breathing. Inhale for a count of 8, pause for 4, and then exhale for 10.

Pisces - Born between Feb 19th – Mar 20th

Pisces is said to be ruled by Neptune and Jupiter and influenced by the Water element. This means it is very spiritual, intuitive, and psychic, again quite dreamy, and imaginative. They are also very empathetic, caring, and sensitive, but can be impressionable and taken advantage of at times, which can lead to some depression. They may suffer with lymphatic system issues, such as water imbalance.

Balancing essential oils: Melissa, Bergamot and Patchouli

Melissa oil is very comforting and settling, and along with Patchouli can help grounding. Bergamot is also very emotionally soothing and can help with water balance.

Balancing blend: Diffuse 3 drops Melissa, 2 drops Bergamot and 2 drops Patchouli in an aromatherapy diffuser or candle burner.

How to use: This sign also benefits from a grounding meditation session (a little bit of breathing can really help re-balance) and perhaps a little self-nurturing too!

Aries – Born between Mar 21st to April 19th

Aries is rules by Mars and influenced by the Fire element. They make very enterprising leaders because they are courageous and confident, and always go and get what they want. They are exciting and full of energy, but this can make them quite impatient and easily bored. They can also be a little argumentative and ‘fiery.’ Imbalances can be seen in the head region and with stress.

Balancing essential oils: Rosemary, Peppermint and Chamomile

Although they are drawn to Rosemary, Peppermint and Chamomile might be better to cool them down! Rosemary can help support their health, but as it is so stimulating, something like Chamomile might be more calming in those ‘fiery’ moments. Peppermint is also cooling and will help with headaches!

Balancing blend: In a spray bottle, mix 10 drops Peppermint and 20 drops Chamomile in 100ml of Lavender Hydrolat.

How to use: Spritz this soothing blend over the body as and when required throughout the day to calm and balance.

Taurus – Born between Apr 20th – May 20th

Taurus is ruled by Venus and its element is Earth. This means it is a sign which is reliable, patient, and grounded, but because of this they prefer predictability, stability, and control, and can struggle with change. They are gentle, loving, and sensual, but also can be jealous and stubborn. The throat area is often an area of imbalance.

Balancing essential oils: Rose, Ylang Ylang and Juniper

Rose is a beautifully nurturing blend for the emotions when dealing with change, Ylang Ylang balances sensuality, whilst Juniper is great to help with anxiety and anger.

Balancing blend: Mix 3 drops Rose, 2 drops Juniper and 2 drops Ylang Ylang in 15ml of Bath Oil or Bath Gel.

How to use: Add to a warm bath and enjoy a relaxing soak to balance those Taurean tendencies. Lie back and do some deep breathing to help release those emotions about change and allow yourself to melt into what is here now!

Gemini – Born between May 21st and June 21st

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and its element is Air. They are sharp and inquisitive, being very lively and spontaneous, and are excellent problem-solvers. They are balanced, but like to talk a lot, and lose their temper easily. They often suffer with respiratory issues.

Balancing essential oils: Basil, Bergamot and Lavender

Basil is a great oil for calming inquisitive minds, as is Lavender, which also generally keeps a Gemini in balance. Bergamot can also help to keep them calm.

Balancing blend: 1 drop Basil and 1 drop Lavender in 10ml Grapeseed oil.

How to use: Pop the blend into a 'pulse-point' rollette bottle apply to the temples as required to calm a curious mind.

Cancer – Born between June 22nd and July 22nd

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and its element is Water. This makes Cancerians very emotionally sensitive and affectionate, and very psychic. They are also nurturing and sentimental. They can however be a little unpredictable, and indecisive, and also be a bit possessive. Their area of imbalance is often the stomach and water retention.

Balancing essential oils: Chamomile, Bergamot and Geranium

Chamomile is the oil to balance a Cancer sign best because it is very nurturing. Bergamot is good to help balance any water retention and emotional challenges, and Geranium is very comforting.

Balancing blend: Mix 2 drops Chamomile, 2 drops Bergamot and 2 drops Geranium into 15ml of Grapeseed oil.

How to use: Gently massage the oil into the body, in a direction towards the heart, to pamper yourself and help balance any situations that feel not true to your gentle, sensitive self.

Leo – Born between Jul 23rd and Aug 22nd

Leo is ruled by the Sun and its elemental influence is Fire! This makes Leo a very confident, extrovert, energetic leader. They are very charismatic and creative, and they love to have friends; being faithful is important to them. However, they are dramatic and can be bossy at times! Their imbalance tends to be the heart and skeletal system.

Balancing essential oils: Jasmine, Lemon and Rose

Jasmine is a lovely, relaxing oil for the nervous system of this sign. Rose can also help keep a Leo calm and balanced, and Lemon can help lift a Leo when they feel a little over-worked.

Balancing blend: Mix 10 drops Jasmine, 15 drops Rose and 5 drops Lemon with 100ml Rose Hydrolat.

How to use: Pour into a spray bottle and spritz over the body whenever you need balancing!

Virgo – Born between Aug 23rd and Sept 22nd

Virgos are ruled by Mercury and their element is Earth. This makes them very practical, productive, grounded, and rational. They are also insightful, analytical and have a strong feeling of responsibility, and a love for tidiness. Because of this, they can become quite judgmental of others’ imperfections – and their own! They can often feel stressed and depressed, and their imbalance is seen in the sinuses and bowels.

Balancing essential oils: Ylang Ylang, Melissa and Frankincense

Relaxing, uplifting oils like Ylang Ylang, Melissa and Frankincense can be really balancing for a Virgo, to help combat stress.

Balancing blend: Diffuse 3 drops Melissa, 2 drops Ylang Ylang and 2 drops Frankincense in a diffuser or candle burner.

How to use: Diffuse this blend to help uplift and release any worries. Sit back, relax, and take some time to reflect and allow space for just being.

Libra – Born between Sept 23rd and Oct 22nd

The Libra sign is ruled by Venus and its element is Air. This means it is a sign which is very romantic and charming, but also loves orderly grounding. They are friendly, kind, and compassionate, hate any injustice, and are often indecisive. They aim to create peace! Their area of imbalance tends to be the kidneys.

Balancing essential oils: Geranium is most balancing for Libras, but Fennel and Black Pepper are also helpful.

Geranium is a beautifully uplifting oil and, along with Fennel, is great for detoxifying which can support the kidneys. Black Pepper is strengthening for any indecision and can also help imbalances.

Balancing blend: Mix 3 drops Geranium, 1 drop Fennel and 1 drop Black Pepper in 15ml Grapeseed carrier oil.

How to use: Massage this beautiful nurturing and balancing oil into the body, in a direction towards the heart, when feeling imbalanced.

Scorpio – Born between Oct 23rd and Nov 21st

Ruled by Pluto and influenced by the Water element, Scorpio is passionate, intense, and sensual, being very determined to achieve their mission and very resourceful in doing so, too! They are mysterious and contradictory but are often very loyal. However, they can be jealous and often want their own way, also finding it hard to forgive! They often experience imbalances in their reproductive organs.

Balancing essential oils: Patchouli, Rose and Geranium

Patchouli is a beautifully balancing oil for Scorpios, and when combined with hormonally balancing and emotionally releasing Rose and Geranium, it is a beautiful blend to restore harmony.

Balancing blend: Mix 3 drops Patchouli, 2 drops Rose and 1 drop Geranium in 15ml Grapeseed oil.

How to use: Take some time for self-nurture and treat yourself to a pampering massage when feeling out of equilibrium. Massage this blend oil into the body, in a direction towards the heart. 

Sagittarius – Born between Nov 22nd and December 21st

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and its element is Fire. Sagittarians are adventurous souls and big travelers because they love freedom. With that, they are often optimistic, and the life and soul of the party, always entertaining and extroverted in nature. This can make them impulsive, but they are also usually quite wise and philosophical too. Their imbalance tends to be the liver.

Balancing essential oils: Juniper, Black Pepper and Bergamot

Juniper is very cleansing for the liver and supports detoxing and calming the mind! Black Pepper is balancing of a Sagittarian’s true nature and it is also uplifting. Bergamot is great for easing any highly-strung pent-up energy!

Balancing blend: Diffuse 3 drops Juniper, 2 drops Black Pepper and 2 drops Bergamot in a diffuser or candle burner.

How to use: Diffusing this beautiful blend helps to help calm Sagittarius' energy and encourage equilibrium!

Capricorn – Born between Dec 22nd and Jan 19th

Capricorn’s sign is ruled by Saturn and its element is Earth. This means they are logical, ambitious and desire success. Capricorns are great friends and very funny, but they can be very goal-orientated and suffer from burn-out. Their imbalances are the skeletal system, insecurity, and worry.

Balancing essential oils: Vetivert, Lavender and Clary Sage

Vetivert is extremely good for the imbalanced, burnt-out Capricorn and Lavender and Clary Sage really help calm this sign, and aid relaxation.

Balancing blend: Mix 2 drops Vetivert, 3 drops Lavender and 2 drops Clary Sage into 15ml of Bath Oil or Bath Gel.

How to use: Add the blend to a warm bath if you're a Capricorn in need of harmonising. The oils will help you regain some perspective and relax into accepting life in the moment.

So, which star sign are you? Does the personality description make sense? If so, why not try the recommended essential oil blend to help keep you balanced? Or research alternative oils that suit your personality traits and get creating your own bespoke astrological blends. Remember to follow your nose and choose the oils that resonate most.

Nicole Barton
Consultant Aromatherapist

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