Celebrity essential oil profiles - which oil are you?

This month’s blog is a little bit of fun for February!  As well as being an Aromatherapist, I am also a homeopath and I have a multitude of other holistic modalities as well.  In certain ways, homeopathy can be likened to Aromatherapy in that it stimulates the body’s own ability to heal, and works with the body’s energy system with a natural therapeutic approach.  So, whilst I was thinking about the cross-over, I pondered the idea that if homeopathic remedies have ‘personalities’ (this is how we commonly work with remedies – e.g. Phosphorus can be a bubbly, friendly character), then so might essential oils!

So, this month, I have had a little bit of fun with my article, and we’ve celebrated February with a few ‘celebrity profiled’ essential oils – matching the properties of the aromatherapy oil to the character of the celeb.  Why not use it to decide which essential oil you need in this moment!  Who is your closest celebrity oil match?  

Celebrity:  Kate Winslet

Best Known For:  Acting, especially her role in Titanic

Celebrity Essential Oil Style:  Rose Otto

Essential Oil Properties:  Soothing, balancing, feminine, emotional, hydrating for sensitive skin

As well as being called Rose in her greatest movie, Titanic, (perhaps this is why!), Kate Winslet is the epitome of femininity.  She always seems to play pretty girls in emotionally tragic and romantic roles – look at her role in The Holiday - and yet she also has this sense of serenity about her.  In real life, she’s a sweetheart, and she comes across as a delicate, refined and beautiful person. She also has totally beautiful skin!

Rose essential oil has all the properties that match this personality; it’s one of the finest and most delicate essential oils around, it is tender and soothing for the emotions, helps with emotional problems, and it’s first choice for any female-related issues, as well as being hydrating for sensitive skin.  If that sounds like you, then you’re Kate Winslet in a Rose bottle!

Celebrity:  Beyoncé Knowles

Best Known For:  Singer and songwriter – her latest album is called ‘Lemonade’

Celebrity Essential Oil Style:  Lemon

Essential Oil Properties:  Energising, refreshing, uplifting, motivating, focusing, cleansing, fun

Beyoncé is the ultimate energy ball!  She is upbeat, inspiring and ready to go get the world, as well as being motivational.  She’s multi-talented, disciplined and focused – and also creative!  She also has to take good care of her health – in particular her throat and respiratory system – to be able to do her job, so she needs a strong immune system!

Lemon essential oil has all of these properties.  It is refreshing, stimulating and great for immunity.  It’s the oil you want to help you get out of bed in the morning, full of energy and creative ideas.  It’s a tonic!  Ironically, Beyoncé also called her album ‘Lemonade’ (saying ‘when life gives you lemons, make lemonade’), so maybe she’s secretly drawn to the healing, energetic vibration of Lemon essential oil!

Celebrity:  Dame Judi Dench

Best Known For:  Actress

Celebrity Essential Oil Style:  Myrrh

Essential Oil Properties:  Spiritual, meditative, regenerative, balancing and comforting

A national treasure, Dame Judi Dench is a peace-making actress with enormous inner-strength.  Sensitive, perceptive and spiritual, she is intuitive and serene - and also has a love of trees, apparently, and plants one for family members who have passed - as she explained in her recent documentary “My Passion for Trees”!

Myrrh essential oil is great for skin regeneration, and although Judi is mature, her skin is looking lovely.  It is a spiritual and meditative oil from a small tree, and it is very emotionally comforting.  What aromatherapy oil is more perfect for this beautiful actress?

Celebrity:  Renee Zellweger

Best Known For:  Actress – Best known for Bridget Jones

Celebrity Essential Oil Style:  Bergamot Mint

Essential Oil Properties:  Refreshing, uplifting, anxiety/stress relieving, muscle relaxant, digestive

Bergamot Mint essential oil represents the mix of Renee’s true personality – she is reported to suffer with anxiety – and that of the Bridget Jones persona, which we can all really resonate with at times!  Renee is a sweet and high-achieving person, and her acting skills really show her ability to be humorous.  She’s a character we can all warm to, and her nervous, stress-caused jittering causes uplifting laughter.  She’s also very health and wellbeing-conscious, and likes to take care of herself and exercise – and we all know she is healthy eating-focused.

Bergamot Mint, is the perfect essential oil for Renee.  A refreshing and joyful sweet scent, it is a number one oil for nervous anxiety and stress, and uplifting for low moments.  Likewise, it aids muscle tension and is extremely helpful for calming digestive complaints.   We couldn’t think of a better celeb to represent Bergamot Mint!

Celebrity: David Beckham

Best Known For:  Footballer and Personality

Celebrity Essential Oil Style:  Sandalwood

Essential Oil Properties:  Relaxing, calming, sedative, anti-spasmodic, aphrodisiac, masculine

David Beckham is a quiet and well-loved celebrity, well known for his fitness and – let’s face it – his sex appeal!  He’s a calm, family man who loves sports, and is seen as very masculine.

Sandalwood essential oil – David’s celebrity oil type – has a musky, woody aroma, often used in the perfume and aftershave industry – and of course, the Beckhams have their own perfumery brands!  A classical masculine essential oil, which is relaxing, calming and sedating, Sandalwood is an indulgent and expensive oil, which lives up to the image Beckham likes to represent. This oil has an anti-spasmodic effect so is great for muscles. It is also a  renowned aphrodisiac – perhaps just like David himself!

Celebrity:  Colin Firth

Best Known For:  Actor

Celebrity Essential Oil Style:  Chamomile

Essential Oil Properties:  Calming, balancing, sedative, soothing

Ah – Colin Firth: the nation’s favourite charming, reserved gentleman.  A wonderful actor, often playing roles which portray his charming, funny, reassuring character, Colin is a treasure.  Sensitive and romantic, he is supportive and you – or, I, at least – just want to give him a hug!  Kind and compassionate, he is calming and soothing by nature.

So, what better aromatherapy oil to associate with him than Chamomile?  A well-known favourite, it is the oil known for being calming and balancing, and is greatly useful for those with sensitivities – particularly sensitive skin.  It is wonderfully soothing, just like Colin himself!

Celebrity:  Simon Cowell

Best Known For:  TV Personality and Music Producer

Celebrity Essential Oil Style:  Lavender

Essential Oil Properties:  Versatile, relaxing, calming, balancing, anti-viral

In the same way that Simon Cowell dominates the music industry, Lavender is the number one most-used (maybe even most useful!) essential oil!  Whilst Lavender’s properties might not be so in-line with Simon Cowell’s often critical personality, underneath that façade, Simon’s sweet and gentle true nature occasionally leaks out.  Underneath the scathing remarks he often jokingly makes, is a calm and kind man, who the nation loves to hate, but secretly loves.

It’s this love/hate relationship with Simon that makes him so easily represent as Lavender essential oil.  Lavender is the most popular oil, yet some people just don’t like the scent – and prefer alternatives such as Sweet Marjoram.  Lavender is the most versatile and talented oil of the lot (Simon would vote for it himself, I’m sure!) – it has so many skills that it can help with so many things, from being an anti-viral, to a sedative, to treating inflamed skin and headaches.  It would definitely be a contender for Britain’s Got Talent.

Can you see the likenesses?  You’ll be thinking of celebrity essential oil profiles all day if you’re anything like me – I had such fun creating personality profiles for some of our favourite essential oils!  Which celebrity are you closest to? 

Treat yourself to your personality style’s oil – or why not use this to pick an oil as a gift for someone you love?


Nicole Barton
Guest Blogger & Consultant Aromatherapist
Chalet Holistics

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