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Secret garden - all natural face masks

Secret garden - all natural face masksAs I sat in my garden writing this article, I found myself in awe of the natural magnificence that surrounded me.  There is so much healthy goodness in the world, and until we take a pause from daily bustle and sit in nature, just breathing in its beauty, we forget what we have in front of us!  So what better to write about this month, I thought, than how to incorporate the garden into our Summer skincare?  Off I set, gathering ideas for all-natural face mask recipes for a ‘Secret Garden’ selection!

Create your own herbal bath oils

Create your own herbal bath oils

Herbal bath oils are an easy and effective aromatherapy product to make at home. Here’s everything you need to know to make your own aromatherapy bath oils with fresh herbs or essential oils.

Enjoy an aromatherapy spa experience at home

Enjoy an aromatherapy spa experience at homeThere is nothing nicer than enjoying a pampering spa day (or evening) at home using beautiful aromatherapy skincare products bursting with delightful, aromatic essential oils. Taking time to plan your home spa 'pamper' experience is part of the fun, deciding, for example, on whether you want to feel relaxed and chilled, or energised and revitalised. Do you want to spend the time with friends or enjoy some ‘me-time’? What sort of products will you choose? Will they be hand-made or from one of your favourite aromatherapy brands?

The benefits of using an SLS Free Shampoo

What are the benefits of using an SLS Free Shampoo?

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) is a chemical detergent found in many shampoos. Although opinions vary as to its safety, it is known to have drying effects which can be damaging for both hair and skin!

Aromatherapy remedies for Christmas and beyond

Aromatherapy remedies for Christmas and beyondChristmas can bring more than a few health challenges - from stress and headaches through to sore feet and digestive problems. To help, we thought we'd pull together 10 slightly more unusual aromatherapy tips for the Christmas period and beyond!  Try making them for yourself - or even give them as practical gifts for friends and family.

Aromatherapy Hampers for Christmas

Aromatherapy Hampers for ChristmasIn my last article, I discussed the gifts the three Wise Men or Kings, gave to baby Jesus after his birth and how these gifts had great spiritual symbolism. With only a couple of weeks until Christmas, many of us are still considering what gifts we can give to make our loved ones happy. I believe that beautifully handcrafted hampers are the ultimate gift that can be enjoyed by all members of the family regardless of age. It is so easy to make a hamper with a personal twist, so I thought I'd give you a few ideas on how you could make your own miniature aromatherapy hampers to boost your loved ones health and wellbeing this Christmas!

Eat, drink, use and choose 'Organic' this September!

Eat, drink, use and choose We are delighted to be supporting the Soil Association's Organic September campaign (including Organic Beauty Week from the 19-25 September) - hoping that we at Base Formula are doing our bit to raise awareness. It seems the perfect month – my birthday month – to write an article about why I personally am a passionate advocate of growing organically – whether that be growing organic food, or plants that produce essential oils and other beauty products.

Essential oils for a pre-summer detox

Essential oils for a pre-summer detox

Want to look and feel great for the Summer holiday season? Try a pre-holiday detox with purifying essential oils to flush out toxins, boost energy levels, aid weight loss and improve the condition of your skin and hair!

Christmas fragrancing with pure essential oils

Christmas fragrancing with pure essential oilsFor many people, Christmas isn’t the same without beautiful aromas of festive pot pourri, scented candles and room sprays. Many shops sell commercially prepared products containing fragrances such as Cinnamon, Mandarin, Orange, Frankincense and Myrrh, helping to invoke memories of bygone years. Some of these products may, however, contain synthetic fragrance rather than pure or true essential oils, which may result in headaches and nausea. To avoid such unpleasant symptoms and also save some money, why not make your own Christmas blends using pure, natural, therapeutic essential oils; it is relatively easy to do and a lot of fun. There are so many different combinations of oils that work well together, it is best just to experiment and find out what works for you. My blog includes a few ideas to get you started.

Post-Summer aromatherapy foot care

Post-Summer aromatherapy foot careAt the end of the Summer, our feet are often dry, with hard skin, cracked heels and a generally unloved look! After months in flip flops or sandals, they often require a little extra care! Some of us might be suffering the opposite – if your work requires heavy shoes/boots - then the heat and moisture created by sweating feet could mean that you are suffering from Athletes Foot, or fungal infections behind the nails – both of which are really common. Athletes Foot can lead to the skin becoming inflamed and then cracking open – it can be very sore and unsightly.

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