Essential oils for shadow fears and manifesting abundance

January is the perfect time to really ‘get our Witch on’ and begin to vision our dreams and think about the year ahead and the expansion we long to create.  It’s the perfect time to create a vision board and begin to tune into our hearts to feel into what we long for. And yet, often, when we do sit down to begin to vision our lives, we can end up in a lot of fear that stops us fully accessing the big visions we desire to manifest.  Fears that are often unseen, hiding in the shadows, and holding us back – without us even knowing about them.  So, this New Year, we felt it would be a perfect time to explore how we can super-power our manifestation of abundance for 2022 with essential oils; liberating ourselves from some of the fears that hold us back from playing big and also getting more deeply in touch with the call of our hearts and Souls around the abundance we desire to create.

Abundance is really a word for an unlimited (more than enough) amount of something – whether health, wealth, love, happiness or whatever it is we desire.  And the thing is, when talking about abundance, we often assume it is something that we have to create – yet, in reality, it is all around us.  And yet, quite understandably and innocently, we as a culture have been trained out of seeing that.  What stops us from seeing the abundance available and the possibility of creating whatever it is our heart desires is usually the limiting beliefs – the outdated stories – we hold around the possibility of having our longings.  This means that abundance isn’t something that we need to create more of; it’s something already there – untapped – that we can choose to access by liberating our old ways of being and creating new ways of being.  In this article, therefore, we explore the top shadow fears that show up around manifesting abundance – whatever it is you desire – and how you can harness Aromatherapy to embody your new stories this January to create what your Soul came here to create.

It is important, though, as we dive into these old stories, that you go here with complete love for the innocent ways you’ve created these blocks - as you’ll only be able to spot these patterns if you can love yourself into liberation.

Shadow Fear #1 – Unworthiness

One of the major old beliefs, hidden in the darkness, around our capacity to manifest abundance is that we aren’t worthy of the big lives we are longing to dream up.  Often, this one shows up before we even get to the visioning stage, stopping us from even connecting with our desire to vision.  So, if you’re dragging your feet on dreaming about what you’d like to create this New Year, it is likely that you may be suffering from some unworthiness stories.  This fear can have you distract away from even looking at your dreams.

Essential oils to liberate unworthiness stories

The nurturing essence of essential oils like Rose Geranium, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine makes these oils really powerful for helping you liberate any unworthiness stories.  I’d recommend using them as advised in the practice below.

Practices to embody a new story

To embody the story of being worthy, you have to choose it – and this can be done by seeing more about the old stories, so the first invitation is to journal around all the old stories that have led you to create from a place of unworthiness.  When you’ve highlighted all these ways, the deep invitation is to then do an analysis of all the ways that living from this story hold you back and cost you, as well as the benefits of choosing a new story of worthiness.

  • Whilst you journal, diffuse a beautiful blend of 4 drops Rose Geranium, 3 drops Patchouli and 1 drop Jasmine in an electrical diffuser or candle burner – and complete it with a loving-kindness meditation.
  • For the loving-kindness meditation, pop 1 drop of Ylang Ylang in 5ml of Grapeseed Oil and apply a bit of this blend to the space just above your top lip so you can smell the scent – applying the rest anywhere on your body that feels good, stroking in the direction towards your heart.  Then, visualise a beautiful green light moving around your body from your heart, filling all of you with worthiness, before speaking your choice of worthiness as your intention.
  • When you feel complete, return to your visioning and see what else emerges from a more empowered place.

Shadow Fear #2 – Powerlessness

Another big fear that shows up to stop magical ones visioning their year is shadowy fears of powerlessness – the idea that you just can’t create what you long to create.  This is a common one which can again have you distract from even dreaming.  There’s some work to do here to liberate all the stories around your power, but it’s totally possible.

Essential oils to liberate powerlessness stories

There are some really liberating and inspiring essential oils that are helpful for embodying your power. Activating oils like Rosemary, Peppermint, Yuzu and Cedarwood pack a really invigorating reminder of your true power as you embody new stories around being able to create what you long for.  

Practices to embody a new story

As with all of these shadow fears, the invitation is to journal on the old stories around your power and then create a costs and benefits analysis so you can choose into the new way of being.

  • If you choose to liberate this story, diffuse a powerful blend of 3 drops Yuzu, 2 drops Cedarwood and 1 drop Rosemary and free-dance as you chant a mantra that helps you to embody your power – e.g. “I am powerful”.
  • When you feel complete, return to your visioning and see what else emerges.

Shadow Fear #3 - Approval

If you’re able to access your vision, but you then feel stuck with actually taking the aligned actions required to bring it to life, it may be that you are caught in approval shadow. Seeking approval often takes place unconsciously, so it’s an important one to look out for – and can show up as fearing what others will think of you, or not taking action in case you’re not liked for what it is you long to create.

Essential oils to liberate approval stories

The shadow need for approval can leave us feeling very burned out and anxious, so calming and uplifting oils like Bergamot, Grapefruit, Chamomile and Sandalwood are helpful to empower you in embodying new stories around this.

Practices to embody a new story

As with all of these shadow fears, the invitation is to journal on the old stories around your need for approval and then create a costs and benefits analysis so you can choose into the new way of being that is more in alignment with your truth.

  • If you choose to liberate this story, begin simply by noticing where you are acting from the need for approval.  Create a Truth Spritz in a spray bottle, mixing 100ml Lavender Hydrolat with 15 drops Bergamot, 10 drops Sandalwood and 5 drops Chamomile, and each time you notice yourself acting from the need for approval, spritz and speak out a mantra – e.g “I choose to live my truth from love”.
  • Revisit your vision and see what actions are aligned for you, rather than compelled.

Shadow Fear #4 – Security

Again, if you’re stuck on taking aligned action to bring your vision into manifestation, it may be that you’re feeling the unconscious shadow of security.  Fears around security can often have us stay where we are in order to avoid the material for our liberation that comes with expansion into our fullest selves.  This one requires some illumination and tending and choosing through.

Essential oils to liberate security stories

If you are feeling unsafe, healing and comforting oils like Neroli, Lavender, Clary Sage and Sweet Marjoram will help you to begin to choose through this story into a new one, so you can manifest your dreams.

Practices to embody a new story

As with all of these shadow fears, the invitation is to journal on the old stories around your need for security and then create a costs and benefits analysis so you can choose into a new story.

  • If you choose to liberate this story, it’s time to create your own security.  Create a beautiful massage blend of 3 drops Neroli, 2 drops Clary Sage and 1 drop Lavender and, with the intention of lovingly tending to your body – letting it know you are safe – massage the oil into your skin, in the direction of your heart, whilst focusing on creating security
  • The safer you begin to feel, the more you will be able to choose into the aligned actions required for your expansion.

Shadow Fear #5 – Control 

Another big fear that shows up in visioning and manifestation is that of fear of not having control, which can stop you from allowing your dreams to manifest.  Often, when magical ones begin to vision, they think they must then either a) force all of it into life – like many spiritual paradigms suggest – or b) just leave it to the universe.  Both of these ways of being with manifestation are shadowy ways of creating a vision from fear.  Forcing a vision to life is holding on too tightly to making it happen – using sheer willpower.  And, at the opposite end of this polarity, waiting for the universe to provide all your wishes is not harnessing your power and magic to co-create as a human.  There is another way to create – and that is focusing on it and taking the next aligned action that appears to fit with your vision, but not forcing it – not worrying about “how” you will make it work. When you can learn to co-create your vision without trying to control it or taking any action, you’ll be manifesting your dreams for 2022 in no time. 

Essential oils to liberate control stories

The shadow need for control can have us feeling tight and tense, living in a very linear, forced way, or completely avoiding anything.  So, oils that encourage a flow state of taking aligned action like Rose, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Geranium are ideal.

Practices to embody a new story

As with all of these shadow fears, the invitation is to journal on the old stories around your need for control and then create a costs and benefits analysis so you can choose into a new way of being in co-creative flow.

  • If you choose to liberate your control fears, a powerful practice using essential oils would be tending to the body in a way that encourages you into a balanced way of being that helps you to go with the flow whilst walking in the direction of your vision.  I recommend bathing in rose petals, to embody you flowing through life; mix 3 drops Geranium, 2 drops Rose and 1 drop Frankincense into 15ml of Bath Oil or Shower Gel and add it to your warm bath water.  Lie there without trying to figure out “how” to create your vision and embody flow – and just maybe the next aligned-action will become clear.

Overall, as we choose into liberating the fears around visioning that are often hidden in the darkness, we are able to create the lives of abundance that we truly desire – whatever that abundance is.  Essential oils, when used in alignment with powerful practices, are really super-charged ways of helping you embody the new stories required to bring your vision to life – so Happy 2022 – get manifesting!

Nicole Barton
Consultant Aromatherapist

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