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COVID-19 - Essential oils for embracing our emotions

COVID-19 has led to a full spectrum of emotions. From isolation and sadness through to anger, frustration, anxiety, and despair. Learn how aromatherapy can help us navigate our emotions and bring us back to balance.

Essential oil of the month - Angelica

Angelica essential oil is one of the best oils to use during convalescence. It's also good for the digestive system, circulation, detoxification, joints and muscles, stress relief, respiratory infections and skincare.

Our summer detox & anti-cellulite plan

Our summer detox & anti-cellulite plan

Summer will soon be here and we can finally start to peel off those layers and enjoy the sunshine! If, however, you're feeling a little lack-lustre and not so happy with what you see in the mirror, read on!

Top essential oils for sleep and mental health

There’s a close connection between sleep and mental health. Lack of sleep affects mental health and those with mental health issues are more likely to suffer with sleep disorders. Learn how aromatherapy can help.

Guide to buying quality essential oils

Choosing quality essential oils is of prime importance for both aromatherapists and home users. Here are some of the key things that should be taken into consideration when buying your oils.

Enjoy an aromatherapy spa experience at home

Enjoy an aromatherapy spa experience at home

Spa days can be quite expensive, but can easily be recreated in the comfort of your own home. Follow our ideas for the ultimate home pamper and create your own personalised aromatherapy blends to balance mind, body and soul!

Making aromatherapy products with children

Looking for new ways to keep the kids entertained? Encourage creativity and teach them about nature’s finest essential oils with these simple ‘make your own’ recipes for younger children and teens.

Essential oils for depression

Depression is the world’s most prominent mental health problem and can be extremely debilitating. Learn how aromatherapy essential oils can be used alongside conventional treatments to help alleviate symptoms.

Supporting allergies with essential oils

Allergies are increasing with the UK having some of the highest prevalence rates in the world. Discover our Top 10 allergy-soothing essential oils to support and balance the immune system and ease symptoms.

Coping with stress & anxiety during the coronavirus

April is Stress Awareness Month and with the country in lockdown due to COVID-19, stress levels and mental health issues are set to soar. Read how aromatherapy can help during these extremely stressful times.

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