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Essential oil of the month - Black Spruce

Essential oil of the month - Black Spruce

Black Spruce essential oil has a softer, milder aroma than Fir or Pine. Excellent for respiratory problems such as coughs, colds, bronchitis and asthma, aches and pains, acne, eczema, stress and adrenal fatigue.

Aromatherapy A-Z: Ulcers

Aromatherapy A-Z: UlcersMouth Ulcers can arise as a result of dentures rubbing, biting your lip or tongue accidentally – or as a result of long term nervous tension and stress. If the latter causes recurrent ulcers, then it is often a sign that the immunity is suppressed, and that Vitamin C with Bioflavonoids and a strong Vitamin B complex are indicated. Some people specifically suffer from mouth ulcers when they are run down – so it is vital to read your body's signals and heed the warning signs!

Have a 'scentsational' Valentines!

Have a So it’s February, and of course Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, for better or worse! It’s either a date you dread or one that you look forward to as something special. The date when lovers celebrate, husbands and partners try to rack up those "browny points" and teenagers wait eagerly for the post to come!

Aromatherapy A-Z: Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is normally caused by a virus such as the common cold or a bacterial infection such as streptococci. It is particularly common in children, teens and young adults. Learn how aromatherapy can help!

Aromatherapy Q&A - Oils for Tendonitis

Aromatherapy Q&A - Oils for TendonitisQ: I have a client who has recently been diagnosed with tendonitis in the wrist. She also suffers with arthritis in the foot (mainly around the toes). Could you recommend some oils/blends that might help. I did read that Dead Sea Salt was good, but would like to use oils as well. Many thanks.

New Year - New complexion!!

New Year - New complexion!!Cold weather, late nights, alcohol, and rich food over the festive season can leave your complexion looking a little worse for wear. The New Year is therefore the perfect time to treat your skin to a little extra TLC, to detoxify, re-hydrate and reveal healthier looking skin for the year ahead!

Aromatherapy A-Z: Sinusitis

Sinusitis occurs when the lining of the sinuses becomes infected and inflamed. Essential oils can be extremely effective in fighting the infection, reducing pain and inflammation and easing congestion.

Essential Oils for Raynaud's Disease

Aromatherapy A-Z: Raynaud

Raynaud’s is a common condition that affects blood supply to the extremities, causing them to change colour and become numb. Usually triggered by cold temperatures it can cause mild to severe discomfort and make day to day life more difficult.

Aromatherapy A-Z: Psoriasis

Psoriasis can be a serious, uncomfortable and disfiguring condition, where the skin erupts in red raw, scaling, itchy lesions. Read our expert holistic health advice which includes dietary and lifestyle tips along with a selection of aromatherapy blends that can help to soothe the skin.

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