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Essential oils for the seasons of life

Essential oils for the seasons of lifeExperiencing the whimsical British weather, comprising of rain, sun and wind within a relatively short period in one day, led made me to reflect upon the seasons of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, and how they can relate to the different stages of life.  For example, Spring is the season of new growth, bursting with vital energy, and can be likened to the first stage of life: birth to early adulthood.  Summer continues to be a period of vibrant and buoyant growth and this second stage of life, from early adulthood to mid-40’s, is said to be intense and passionate.  Autumn is associated with the third stage of life from mid-40’s to retirement, growth is done, the fruits of labour are harvested and nature is preparing us for rest.  The final stage of life, from retirement to end of life is considered to be a time for relaxation and harmony.  In the past, average life expectancy was said to be three score years and ten (i.e. 70), although that has now increased to over 80 years of age.

Essential oils for gardens AND gardeners!

Essential oils for gardens AND gardeners!While many botanists used to believe that essential oils were ‘waste products’ of a plant’s metabolism, there is now evidence suggesting that they do have an important biological role within the plant, such as providing defence against insects and animals, and being responsible for allopathic interactions that inhibit the growth of neighbouring plants – an important consideration for gardeners when planting out!

Wellbeing tips for the workplace

Wellbeing tips for the workplaceAccording to the Office for National Statistics, 131 million sick days are lost each year, with a huge percentage of these due to lifestyle-caused “back, neck and muscle pain.” The NHS is struggling to cope with this rising number of muscular-skeletal illness and lifestyle-related diseases caused by inactivity and spending too much time at our desks, as well as increasing stress levels at work.

Essential oils for a pre-summer detox

Essential oils for a pre-summer detox

Want to look and feel great for the Summer holiday season? Try a pre-holiday detox with purifying essential oils to flush out toxins, boost energy levels, aid weight loss and improve the condition of your skin and hair!

Aromatherapy for palliative care

Aromatherapy for palliative careClinical Aromatherapy has become more widely recognised as being an entirely separate entity from beauty therapy over the last 20 years. As we develop a more comprehensive understanding of the true potential and scope of aromatherapy, the list of issues that can be dramatically improved or at the very least assisted by this form of therapy, grows!

Improving exam performance with Rosemary

Improving exam performance with RosemaryWith important examinations starting, many students are revising day and night to achieve the best possible results.  Tutors provide useful revision tips, and parents extol the virtues of a healthy diet, sufficient rest and exercise.  Aromatherapists, meanwhile, recommend using Rosemary essential oil; an inexpensive, easily obtainable and scientifically proven memory enhancer!

Top essential oils for concentration & mental energy

Top essential oils for concentration & mental energyEssential oils have so many fabulous actions, but I often think that their brain stimulant properties are under-utilised and less well-recognised. I use aromatherapy oils constantly when writing, driving on long journeys – or when my capacity to concentrate is dwindling, and renewed focus is required!

Stay calm, centered, focused & positive this Spring!

Stay calm, centered, focused & positive this Spring!

Spring time officially begins on March 20th. The “Spring Equinox” is celebrated as the time of “rebirth” in the Northern Hemisphere. Equinox is Latin for “Equal Night”, the time of year when the sun passes across the celestial equator – at around 4.30am – and day and night hours are closer to 12 hours each than at any other time of year (bar the Autumn Equinox).

Natural salts for natural wellbeing

Natural salts for natural wellbeingThere are many therapeutic salts on the market now – and it can get a little confusing when deciding which one to use! Here at Base Formula we sell 3 different natural, unadulterated salts; Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Rock Salt and Dead Sea Salt.

Aromatherapy and Chronic Fatigue / ME

Aromatherapy and Chronic Fatigue / MEWinter is the time of year when we’re all at our most tired. However, for some people this exhaustion is permanent; those with the debilitating condition Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) – also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME). So, after a busy festive period, and in the depths of Winter, what better time of year than to focus on how essential oils can help combat fatigue and exhaustion, and some of the other symptoms that go with that!

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