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Aromatherapy and Lupus

Aromatherapy and LupusLupus is an auto-immune disease where the body produces autoantibodies that attack healthy cells. Lupus can have an impact on all of the bodies systems and effect multiple organs including the skin, kidneys, the heart, eyes, muscles and joints. Lupus can be life threatening if the body attacks major organs. Diagnosis for lupus is difficult due to a lot of the symptoms being the same as other diseases such as fibromyalgia, scleroderma and Reynaud’s. It is mainly women who are diagnosed with lupus with 90% of sufferers being female. It is not understood what causes lupus.

Essential oils to balance the chakras

Essential oils to balance the chakrasAre you feeling out of balance, but you’re not sure why?  It could be that the energy flow in your body is blocked.  Life experiences such as stress, trauma and illness can create imbalances in our body, mind and soul which lead us to ‘dis-ease’ (disease is just ‘dis-ease’ in the body).  This ‘dis-ease’ can be temporary, but it can also persist, perhaps even leading to chronic illness or habitual patterns of negative thinking which affect our lives.

Eat, drink, use and choose 'Organic' this September!

Eat, drink, use and choose We are delighted to be supporting the Soil Association's Organic September campaign (including Organic Beauty Week from the 19-25 September) - hoping that we at Base Formula are doing our bit to raise awareness. It seems the perfect month – my birthday month – to write an article about why I personally am a passionate advocate of growing organically – whether that be growing organic food, or plants that produce essential oils and other beauty products.

Look and feel great this Summer!

Look and feel great this Summer!It's an ironic fact that - just when we want to look our absolute best - for our Summer holidays - we often don't! Either we are very tired and our skin and hair reflect that “lack-lustre” feeling, or perhaps we've had a bit too much of that rare British sunshine or time on sunbeds ( yes – lots of people still use them to boost their colour before heading abroad), and our skin is in need of some real TLC – not to mention the rest of our body!

Essential oils for the seasons of life

Essential oils for the seasons of life

Try our essential oil blends to support you through the seasons of life - whether that be the time for activity and growth (Spring), the time to enjoy the fruits of your labour (Autumn), or the time to rest and recharge (Winter).  

Wellbeing tips for the workplace

Wellbeing tips for the workplaceAccording to the Office for National Statistics, 131 million sick days are lost each year, with a huge percentage of these due to lifestyle-caused “back, neck and muscle pain.” The NHS is struggling to cope with this rising number of muscular-skeletal illness and lifestyle-related diseases caused by inactivity and spending too much time at our desks, as well as increasing stress levels at work.

Essential oils for a pre-summer detox

Essential oils for a pre-summer detox

Want to look and feel great for the Summer holiday season? Try a pre-holiday detox with purifying essential oils to flush out toxins, boost energy levels, aid weight loss and improve the condition of your skin and hair!

Aromatherapy for palliative care

Aromatherapy for palliative careClinical Aromatherapy has become more widely recognised as being an entirely separate entity from beauty therapy over the last 20 years. As we develop a more comprehensive understanding of the true potential and scope of aromatherapy, the list of issues that can be dramatically improved or at the very least assisted by this form of therapy, grows!

Improving exam performance with Rosemary

Improving exam performance with Rosemary

Numerous studies have shown that Rosemary essential oil can help to improve cognitive performance and memory. Research also shows that it can help to increase alertness and reduce anxiety.

Top essential oils for concentration & mental energy

Top essential oils for concentration & mental energyEssential oils have so many fabulous actions, but I often think that their brain stimulant properties are under-utilised and less well-recognised. I use aromatherapy oils constantly when writing, driving on long journeys – or when my capacity to concentrate is dwindling, and renewed focus is required!

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