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Beat dry January skin, hair & nails

The gloomy, cold winter months after Christmas can be especially challenging for our skin, hair and nails. Follow our simple tips to banish Winter dryness and leave everything feeling beautifully nourished, moisturised and protected.

Diffusing essential oils safely

Diffusing essential oils can be extremely helpful for aiding relaxation and sleep, reducing stress, lifting the mood, increasing alertness, fragrancing and purifying the air. Follow our top 10 tips on how to diffuse them safely and effectively.

The psychological effects of essential oils

Inhaling essential oils can have a powerful, almost instant impact on how we feel – effecting our emotions, mood and memory. They can also impact on our nervous system, triggering physical reactions that can last long after the scent is gone.

Aromatherapy rituals for beating the January blues

January is often considered the most depressing month of the year – but this is merely just a thought. It can be what you want it to be. Try our aromatherapy rituals for beating the blues and encouraging a more positive state of mind!

Getting your mind, body & soul on track in the New Year

The lull after the festive period gives us the opportunity to relax, reflect & take better care of ourselves in preparation for the new year ahead. Read our top tips on achieving improved health & positivity for body, mind & soul.

Frankincense - A Christmas essential oil

Frankincense was gifted to Jesus after his birth, and is now a popular festive fragrance! Excellent for easing pain and inflammation, including arthritis, rheumatism, IBS and sinusitis, and for relieving stress and aiding relaxation.

Nicole's favourite Winter essential oils

NicoleCheck out Nicole's favourite Winter essential oil blends for warming stiff joints and muscles, shaking off seasonal sadness, fighting off colds and flu, and just generally pampering yourself on cold winter nights!

Banish Oily Skin with Clay

Banish Oily Skin with Clay

As with every seasonal change, the arrival of Autumn can bring about its fair share of skin problems, which we must prepare to battle against. For some the colder months can cause dry skin problems, but for others it may actually lead to oilier skin - as the drier, ambient air can encourage your skin to produce more of its moisturising, protective oil. Though this can be an all-year-round problem, it definitely becomes more noticeable as the seasons change.

How to use essential oils during pregnancy

How to use essential oils during pregnancyOne of the common things people ask me as an Aromatherapist is about how to use essential oils during pregnancy. It’s as if the human instinct to be as natural as possible with health care, kicks in the moment Mother Nature makes you a protector of a child; after all, your baby is the most precious miracle that ever happened, right? So, of course, it’s common to want to care for your health in the most natural and protective way possible. And, what better way than utilising holistic therapies to aid you through the biggest and most exciting change in your life!

Ultimate Autumn immunity boosting blend

Ultimate Autumn immunity boosting blendAutumn is the time of year when we can be susceptible to viruses, like the common cold, and the accompanying uncomfortable symptoms, so I thought it would be helpful to share my Ultimate Immunity Boosting Power Blend with you, comprising of 4 drops of Black Pepper essential oil, 8 drops of Ravansara and 2 drops of Sandalwood. The resulting blend is powerful and synergistic, protecting against and fighting bacteria and viral infections.

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