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Discover the powers of the Summer herb garden

Discover the powers of the Summer herb gardenHerbs are incredibly cheap to buy, easy to seed and grow, with many growing profusely once established. Most are perennial, and many of those that aren't are easy to gather seeds from, if you let them “run to seed” at the end of the season.

De-stress and unwind on your Summer holiday!

De-stress and unwind on your Summer holiday!Are you in a panic and suffering stress on the lead up to your Summer holiday? Whilst it can be a very exciting time of year, all the last minute rushing around (whether that be shopping for the holiday essentials, packing, cleaning the house, doing a hand-over at work, getting the kids ready, or just tying up any loose ends) can make it hard to finally unwind.

Summer's natural aromatherapy essentials

SummerAs I was enjoying the recent sunshine, it got me thinking about my favourite seasonal aromatherapy scents and all the wonderful ways that you can use natural essential oils during the Summer months!

Aromatherapy and hormones

Aromatherapy and hormonesOur hormones are part of our Endocrine System, which covers all glands, including the Pituitary Gland, the Thyroid, Adrenals, Pancreas, the Ovaries and the Testis. Hormones are chemicals produced by these glands that flow through the blood stream influencing how we think and feel. They govern the action and activity, strength and functioning of many of our organs and metabolic processes.  As Patricia Davies states: “A characteristic of hormones is that they influence body functions at a distance from the point of origin of the hormone. For this reason they are known as chemical messengers”.

Essential oil of the month - Sweet Fennel

Essential oil of the month - Sweet FennelSweet Fennel essential oil (Foeniculum vulgare) is steam distilled from the crushed seeds of the Fennel herb, which grows wild in many parts of Europe and the Mediterranean (from where it originates).

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