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Your Winter Medicine Chest

Your Winter Medicine ChestSo it's that time of year again – the Autumn colours signposting the season of plenty is soon to end. In years gone by, not so very long ago, we would be setting our store cupboards for the Winter privations. The time of plenty – late Summer/early Autumn – would see fruits being made into jams and jellies, and vegetables pickled, dried and laid down in careful cool storage. This time of year would be one of gathering in and laying down – of preparation and making ready. A time of great activity before the quieter times of snow and ice, short days and long nights.

Post-Summer aromatherapy foot care

Post-Summer aromatherapy foot careAt the end of the Summer, our feet are often dry, with hard skin, cracked heels and a generally unloved look! After months in flip flops or sandals, they often require a little extra care! Some of us might be suffering the opposite – if your work requires heavy shoes/boots - then the heat and moisture created by sweating feet could mean that you are suffering from Athletes Foot, or fungal infections behind the nails – both of which are really common. Athletes Foot can lead to the skin becoming inflamed and then cracking open – it can be very sore and unsightly.

Get creative with Himalayan Pink Salt

Get creative with Himalayan Pink SaltI recently ordered some of Base Formula's beautiful Himalayan Pink Salt to have a play with – and how glad I am that I did! These pretty pink salts are so versatile! They are balancing, energising and detoxing for the body whilst also being great for use with essential oils – whether aiding absorption into our bodies via an aromatherapy bath, or just for supporting the diffusion of scents into a room. With winter fast approaching, I had it in mind, whilst I was creating my blends, to think about how these salts can support our health at this time of year - so read on for some creative, natural healing ideas to prepare you for the 'cold' season ahead!

Essential oil of the month - Myrtle

Essential oil of the month - MyrtleMyrtle essential oil (Myrtus communis) is distilled from the flowers, leaves and twigs of a vigorous, evergreen shrub that grows in Mediterranean regions and North Africa. The essential oil has a yellow to orange or greenish colour and a warm, herbaceous, slightly menthol and resinous aroma.

Get your skin prepped for Winter!

Get your skin prepped for Winter!As Autumn gradually slips into Winter there are three key factors to consider for our Winter skincare routine.

Essential oil of the month - Basil

Essential oil of the month - BasilBasil essential Oil (Ocimum basilicum), otherwise known as “Sweet Basil”, has a sweet, fresh, herbaceous aroma with rich, warm anisic undertones. It is distilled from the fresh leaves of the herb grown principally in France, Egypt, Madagascar and the Comoro Islands – with its constituent elements varying greatly depending on its origin.

Holistic home facial for post-summer skincare

Holistic home facial for post-summer skincareSummer is a time that can cause lots of stress on your skin, with sunburn and air-conditioning drying it out and causing imbalances, not too mention problems such as prickly heat rash and sun cream blocking pores. In particular, the skin on your face, which is thinner and often more sensitive than the rest of your body, is most affected by these Summer challenges – and, due to life becoming so busy at this time of year, it can all too easily become neglected.

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