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Aromatherapy for Alzheimer's and Dementia

Various small studies have reported the benefits of aromatherapy for Alzheimer’s and dementia with certain oils helping with issues such as cognitive function, memory, sleep, anxiety, aggression and agitated behaviour.

Our summer detox & anti-cellulite plan

Our summer detox & anti-cellulite plan

Summer will soon be here and we can finally start to peel off those layers and enjoy the sunshine! If, however, you're feeling a little lack-lustre and not so happy with what you see in the mirror, read on!

Top essential oils for sleep and mental health

There’s a close connection between sleep and mental health. Lack of sleep affects mental health and those with mental health issues are more likely to suffer with sleep disorders. Learn how aromatherapy can help.

Essential oils for depression

Depression is the world’s most prominent mental health problem and can be extremely debilitating. Learn how aromatherapy essential oils can be used alongside conventional treatments to help alleviate symptoms.

Supporting allergies with essential oils

Allergies are increasing with the UK having some of the highest prevalence rates in the world. Discover our Top 10 allergy-soothing essential oils to support and balance the immune system and ease symptoms.

Coping with stress & anxiety during the coronavirus

April is Stress Awareness Month and with the country in lockdown due to COVID-19, stress levels and mental health issues are set to soar. Read how aromatherapy can help during these extremely stressful times.

Essential oils and the coronavirus (COVID-19)

As coronavirus (COVID-19) cases increase in the UK we discuss how essential oils renowned for their anti-viral properties may assist in improving hygiene, boosting immunity and supporting the respiratory system.

Essential oils for panic attacks

Aromatherapy essential oils can offer a natural and effective way to help prevent or manage panic disorder or panic attacks. We discuss the best oils to use to promote relaxation and encourage a sense of calm.

Supporting eating problems with essential oils

Learn how essential oils can help with eating disorders - how they can help us tune into our natural wisdom with intuitive eating, address mental suffering and relieve digestive problems caused by disordered eating.

Love yourself - a Valentine's meditation with essential oils

Love yourself - a Valentine

Valentine’s Day is all about love and appreciation, so why not create some important time and space for some well-deserved self-love. Try Nicole Barton's heart-warming, nurturing meditation with beautiful essential oils.

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